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[The Plans are PDF files and can be viewed using Acrobat Reader. Click download Acrobat Reader if you would like a copy.]
The PDF documents listed below are the official versions and are exact replicas of the originals; they contain all Attachments and Temporary Change Requests (TCRs).  Signed originals are maintained by the Best Practices and External Affairs Department. Print-out copies of the documents are considered UNCONTROLLED / Information Only Copies and must be marked as such.

Table of Contents 

ES&H/QA Plans

Project Management and Engineering Plans

Business and Management Plans

ES&H/QA Plans

(Responsibility of ES&H-  Levine;    Status - Next Review March 2018)

(Responsibility of ES&H - Levine;    Status - Next Review January 2019)

            (Responsibility of QA/QC - Tiwari;    Status - Next Review June 2017)

(Responsibility of  ES&H - Sheneman;    Status - Next Review January 2018)

Please contact the Site Protection Division (Fran White) for information on the document or to see the controlled copy.

Project Management and Engineering Plans

          (Responsibility of Head, Engineering - Riccardo, issued June 2018;    Status - Next Review June 2019)


Business Management Plans



(Responsibility of QA/QC -  Graham;    Status - Next Review N/A  NOTE: Beginning in 2008 the TYSP has been replaced by the Facility and Infrastructure Section of the Annual PPPL Site Plan)

NOTE: The following 2 plans have been superseded by PPPL's Environmental Management System

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